A Fashionable Social Network

I’ve officially begun another social media journey. This one began in my closet and will hopefully end in my bank account. I’m a female, and naturally, I have a closet full of clothes, and some clothes there go unworn. So I created an account on the Poshmark app, and I’m ready to sell!

Essentially, Poshmark is a place to sell or buy used clothing/accessories. (Check out this review, some great points, and some that I’ll talk about in this post).

Here’s my take so far.

1. I LOVE the concept.

2. It’s my second day on the app, and I’m already starting to hate the people. I’ve already seen people negotiate ridiculous prices, send users to PayPal, and other things that are supposedly against Poshmark policy.

3. I’m at a loss for how to promote my listings. It’s a social network that I’m willing to put a little time into, but I’m not sure how to get my closet out there.

4. Some users have hundreds of listings…HOW do you have that many clothes that you want to sell? And most of them designer!? It’s giving me the impression that some people are using Poshmark to earn some serious money, which isn’t exactly the community I want to promote my gently-used, Target-bought, blouse to.

5. I don’t want to see stock images of the clothes. I’d really rather see it on the hanger on the back of a door. I guess this relates to #4, but I thought this would be a less intimidating environment.

I’ll most likely write a follow up for this app, especially when I sell my first item!


One thought on “A Fashionable Social Network

  1. Thanks so much for the link Lauren, I appreciate any link love I can get 🙂 One way to start promoting your closet is to share other people’s items. In the beginning I did searches and looked at closets for other poshers that liked similar brands, styles or were similar in size to my items. I also left comments on other poshers items (but no spam or “hey check out my closet”). I would like items, say hi on their “about me” listings and compliment certain listings. Basically, try to make a connection on a personal level.

    I do use stock pictures to show fit for jeans, etc especially since most of the jeans I’m selling don’t fit me. However, I would never buy from anyone who didn’t also have a picture of the actual item they’re selling. Also some stock photos are not the exact same brand/style. If it’s not clear from the description I ask. There is one seller who sells tons of jeans (many high end boyfriends) who grabs celebrity photos but it’s not the exact same pant. I figured this out quickly because some of the shots are pairs that I already own so I know exactly what brand and style name it is. While the pant is similar, there are times it can be misleading (i.e. cargo with a drop crotch pic for a skinny cargo style). I personally don’t want to buy a pant because I think it fit Kim Kardashian (I’m a similar body type) only to receive a pant that is made for someone like Cameron Diaz (one of my butt cheeks is two of hers). So, I personally am very careful not to use any stock pics unless I’m sure it’s pretty much the same exact item that I’m selling and I always include actual item shots too.

    Some people are definitely seeing PM as a business activity. If they’re buying wholesale and then selling it like an online boutique that’s cool but I steer clear of the ones buying from Ross, TJ Maxx or on sale and then reselling on posh for a profit. You can tell after awhile because I’ll see say current elliott jeans go on sale at lastcall.com and sure enough a week or so later it’s up all over posh for twice or three times as much. No thanks! I prefer to buy from sellers just like me and you, cleaning out our own closet.

    Good luck and please comment on one of my listings so I’m sure to visit your closet.

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